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Everest Hiking is one of the leading trekking Companies based in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. We are a Nepal based government register trekking company that provides trekking, tours, wildlife safari, peak climbing and adventure in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Nepal is a country full of many opportunities for adventure. It has the most spectacular and breathtaking scenery and fascinating culture not to be seen anywhere else in the world. If you need more information please either phone or contact us by email.

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Nepal Photography Tour for those who have a great interest in taking photos.Along with that, Nepal is the only country where the culture, nature,

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Best Trek in Nepal

Nepal is a playground for adventure lovers as it has everything from the highest peak in the world.  We are a Nepal based trekking company that provides tours, treks, and expeditions in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Nepal is a country full of many opportunities for …

Visit Nepal 2020

Visit Nepal 2020, Nepal government has formally initiated the open connection program for Visit Nepal Year 2020. Nepal is a beautiful naturally gifted country that has great potential for the tourism industry. We provide all travelers for trekking, hotels, rafting, biking, jungle safari, adventure, accommodations, …

Everest Base Camp Trek Packing List

Everest base cam is famous and adventure trekking in khumbu region.Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Its height is 8,848 m. Its alternate names are Qomolangma, Sagarmatha, and Chomolungma. Mount Everest lies on the border of Nepal and China, with about half …

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