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Tamang Heritage Trek

9 Days

Tamang Heritage Trek is located just close to the regular Langtang valley area trekking route which is not the regular travelers trail. It is a culturally rich trail, populated by the Tamang people who are closer to the Tibetan traditions as it touches the Tibetan border in the north.

Trekking on the Tamang heritage trail offers you an off the beaten track experience in a recently developed route with the charming mountain vistas.

The Tamang heritage trek takes you through verdant midlands of Nepal experiencing the beauty of this mountain region and the culture of the people who lives here. The trail passes through traditional Tamang villages where life, culture, and crafts have remained unchanged since the beginning of the settlement.

Warm traditional welcome hosted by the locals, their elaborate costume, rich architecture of their mountain houses, and the ancient monasteries and place of pray add color to the experience of this trail .In addition to the culture experience, the trek also offers wilderness experience through beautiful landscapes of alpine terrain, flat meadows, and rhododendron forest.

Beside Tamang Heritage trail, trekkers also can go with other similar packages done in Langtang Region. Helambu Trek and Langtang Valley trek are the options trekking for this region.

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Tamang Heritage Trek