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Upper Dolpo Trek


Upper Dolpo Trekking is for those who want to explore a region that is known for its remoteness and its alluring beauty in equal measure. Subject and location of the widely acclaimed Oscar nominated 1999 movie Caravan, Dolpo region has fascinated trekkers from around the world. Upper Dolpo Trekking will take you through a region that is less frequented but equally captivating and has all the hallmarks of other trekking routes of Nepal: spectacular mountains, tranquil blue lakes providing the clearest reflections of the surrounding mountains, rich and unique culture, and the warmest and most charming people you will ever come across.

Upper Dolpo is one of the several restricted areas in Nepal where foreigners will need special permits to travel through the area. Part of the region falls under the Shay Phoksundo National Park, named after the popular Phoksundo Lake. Upper Dolpo Trekking is a route filled with spectacular natural beauty of all kinds: glorious mountains (including the formidable Dhaulagiri), vegetation and wildlife of all kinds, stunning lakes, and swathes of semi arid lands. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of the trek is the stunningly beautiful Phoksundo Lake. Besides the spectacularly view, the lake also holds religious prominence for Buddhists and Bon religion followers.

The people of the Dolpo region have a culture and lifestyle that is quite similar to that of the neighboring Tibetan region. Many people are the followers of Bon religion which shares a lot with Buddhism. All throughout Upper Dolpo Trekking, you will come across stupas, chortens, gompas (notable among which is the Shay Gompa, located near the Shay Phoksundo Lake), yak caravans transporting salt and other necessities of the local Dolpo people, and sparsely populated villages located in some of the highest altitudes of the world. Seasoned guides will also recount you some of the most fascinating local myths and help you understand the culture and sensibilities of the people of the area. Upper Dolpo Trekking will provide you with that rare pleasure of exploring a place that is truly different from anything you have ever experienced before.

Besides Upper Dolpo Trekking – 23 days, other packages opted for by our clients include Shay Phoksundo Trekking – 20 days and Manaslu Circuit Trekking – 20 days.

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