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Vehicle Rental

Vehicle rental in Nepal is a service Provide in Nepal. However, few are able to get it because there are very few service providers. We are there in Vehicle rental business with the aim of simplifying the Car, Jeep, Van, Bus and other many means of transport rental process and providing top notch services to our customers.

The safety of our clients is of paramount importance to us. Anyone who has been to Nepal will notice the decrepit conditions of many vehicles plying the roads. You can rest assured that we provide vehicles that are well maintained and are in top conditions for hire.

We have a strong network all over Nepal. As such, we can arrange for your travel all across Nepal. Having a network all over Nepal also allows us to offer competitive price to our customers. We do not try to rip you off your hard earned money by sneaking in taxes and other service charges other than absolutely required by the law.

Nothing beats the joy of travelling around in a vehicle of your comfort. You can plan your trip according to your convenience and travel whenever you want instead of following a fixed itinerary. We understand the lure of travelling around on your own. We provide you with a range of cars that you can hire according to the size of your group or your comfort or the place you want to travel to. Trips to the arduous mountainous regions rule out the possibility of hiring certain types of cars.

So, whether you want to head to the zigzagged and arduous hilly and mountain roads or to the plains of southern Terai, remember us if you want to hire the best car rental service in Nepal.

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Vehicle Rental