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Upper Mustang trek - -13 Day

Upper Mustang trek

Upper Mustang Trekking takes you through the remoteness and isolated place in Nepal. Few places in the world can claim to have the isolation and remoteness of Upper Mustang region of Nepal. Located in the western zone of Dhaulagiri and bordering Tibet to the north, Mustang is one of the two districts, along with Manang, known as ‘districts beyond the mountains’. The whole of the Upper Mustang region was prohibited for foreign visitors until as recently as 1992. Even now foreigners need to obtain a special permit to visit the area. Upper Mustang Trekking will take you through a path which is treaded by very few people in the world and whose stunning beauty and unique culture will capture your imagination like no other place in the world.

Upper Mustang Trekking typically begins from Jomson, the district headquarters of Mustang. You will walk a wide stretch along the banks of the Kali Gandaki River. Mustang region is also unique in the sense that it has rugged desert terrain, unlike other mountainous regions of Nepal. You will come across green vegetation only intermittently. Along the way to Lo Manthang, the furthest point of Upper Mustang Trekking, you will come across the now famous village of Kagbeni which has earned its reputation for its arid but picturesque landscape and is a popular rest point for many trekkers. (Optional: Along with Kagbeni, another popular highlight of Upper Mustang Trekking is the holy place of Muktinath, which has the much revered Muktinath Temple. The place holds special religion significance to Hindus and Buddhists alike.)

Mustang is sparsely populated place. Thakali people are the native inhabitants of the region and you will see Buddhist and Tibetan way of life in the region. Upper Mustang Trekking is, hence, a good way to experience Tibetan and Buddhist culture as well. As you reach Lo Manthang, the capital of the Kingdom of Lo, you will feel as far away from urban life as you can imagine. The aloofness of the place, the beauty of the surrounding area, the magnificent sights of such mountains as Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Nilgiri along the way and the unique culture and lifestyle of Lo Manthang and the wider Mustang region will fill your heart will a tranquility that can be matched by very few places in the world.

Along with Upper Mustang Trekking -12 days, we also offer other similar trekking packages in and around the Mustang region among which Muktinath Trekking -10 days is a popular choice of many trekkers.

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